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By admin 19 Mar 2013 12:08 PM Tag: Latest 0 comments, leave your own!


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Septimius aka Septimius the Great is destined to be one of music's most promising acts. This dynamic underground artist is sure to surmount the competition and live up to his nickname- the great emperor of music. His unparallel sound and the versatility of his music is exhibited in his new debut EP - The New Rome with his scheduled full debut music CD “To Be Emperor” in Fall of 2013.

In the lead track of the album such as “Exotic Pleasure" Septimius seamlessly blends his own eclectic style of dance music with the English & Hindi language as he is continuously given inspiration from such legendary pop artists as Lady Gaga, Will.I.Am, Michael Jackson, Prince and Madonna.

Septimius declares that "fashion and history is a source of inspiration for his songwriting and performances." So what better a name to choose for his performances than Septimius? who himself, was a great historical figure and known in his time as "A Great African Emperor" and conqueror. Can it be said that Septimius may embody the very image of this "Great African Emperor" and conquer the music industry? This may very well be so, as the New Music Seminar (NMS) has nominated Septimius as one of 2011's "Top 100 Artists on the Verge." Quite an astounding accomplishment, as he was just one of the one million submissions from talented artists across the country vying for the title. The New Music Seminar, however, is only one of the very many talent organizations and music heads, who has recognized the possibilities of Septimius' musical talents. Here's what Artscape Festival had to say of Septimius, "Septimius embodies the Roman Empire. His influence is vast as he exudes an ancient supremacy on stage. Audiences (his legionaries) - can't help but bow to his authority....and groove to his sound." Hugo, CEO of Hugo The Boss Promotions and Marketing also had this to say about the versatile and impressive concepts expressed in Septimius' music, "Septimius has found a way to merge his unique sound & lyrical storytelling format into a massive fusion you can't put in a box."

This album, To Be Emperor, encompasses the term "music is universal" as Septimius brings elements of his three most influential genres of music- dance, pop and hip hop to the forefront. Though, he hails from the city of firsts, Baltimore, and plans to be a first himself with his revolutionary and captivating sounds. Septimius has had quite a long affair and much experience with his first love- music. Emerging on the music scene in 1997, he has since shared the stage with such veterans as Chrisette Michele, Patti Labelle, Musiq Soulchild , Wale, Colonel Abrahms, Peppa Mashay, Rupaul, Tiffany, Deborah Cox, Crystal Waters, Pat Benetar, Gov't Mule and Ultra Nate, just to name a few. Though he has worked with international music producers such as Debonaire Samir, on his CD remixes for "To Be Emperor”, which features a fusion of House and Dance music. Septimius still stays true to his Baltimore roots by including Baltimore Club sounds on this project which is headed towards a worldwide release in Fall 2013.

Visit Septimius' website http://www.septimiusthegreat.com for mp3 downloads and the latest music releases of this modernistic and pioneering artist and watch his journey and he takes the music industry to new heights.


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